North Carolina Shippers

Manufacturer City Routing Phone  
Acacia Furniture Conover NWFX    
Accents Beyond High Point NWFX    
Adams Furniture High Point NWFX    
Adden Furniture Hildebran NWFX    
American Drew N Wilkesboro NWFX    
American Woodcrafters High Point NWFX    
Ampac High Point NWFX    
Andrew Pearson Mt Airy NWFX    
Ardley Hall High Point NWFX    
Artisians Guild High Point NWFX    
Austin Group Greensboro NWFX    
Baker Furniture Hickory NWFX    
Baker Heritage Hickory NWFX    
Bentley Churchill Taylorsville NWFX    
Bernards, Inc. High Point NWFX    
Bernhardt Furniture Lenoir NWFX    
Bevan Funnell High Point NWFX    
Bolier & Co High Point NWFX     
Bradington Young Hickory NWFX    
Braxton Culler High Point NWFX    
Britax Charlotte SBJ/NWFX    
Brookline Furniture High Point NWFX    
Cabot Wrenn Bethlehem NWFX    
Calligaris High Point NWFX    
Carolina Custom Leather Hickory NWFX    
Carolina Glass Masters Mt Airy NWFX    
Carolina Mirror N Wilkesboro NWFX    
Carolina Table Hickory NWFX    
Carter Furniture Thomasville NWFX    
Century Furniture Hickory NWFX    
Charles Stewart Hickory NWFX    
Charleston Forge Boone NWFX    
Chatham Crossing Wilson SBJ/NWFX    
Christopher Guy High Point NWFX    
Claremont Furniture Claremont NWFX    
Classic Gallery Hickory NWFX    
Classic Leather Hickory NWFX    
Clearwater American Oak Ridge SBJ/NWFX    
ClubCu High Point NWFX    
Cody Road Mt Airy NWFX    
Curations Limited Lexington NWFX    
Comfort Designs Asheboro NWFX    
Conover Chair Conover NWFX    
Constantini Pietro High Point NWFX    
Council Denton NWFX    
Country At Home Hildebran NWFX    
Country Chair Hickory NWFX    
Country Manor Maiden NWFX    
Cox Manufacturing Hickory NWFX    
CR Laine Furniture Hickory NWFX    
Craftmaster Furniture Taylorsville NWFX    
Creative Metal & Wood Thomasville NWFX    
Dar-Ran Furniture High Point NWFX    
Davis Furniture High Point NWFX    
DIA High Point NWFX    
Designmaster Furniture Hickory NWFX    
Dexter Furniture Raleigh SBJ/NWFX    
Distinction Leather Conover NWFX    
DiVanni Inc High Point NWFX    
Dixie Seating Statesville NWFX    
Doimo Elite High Point NWFX    
DR Kincaid Lenoir NWFX    
Drexel Heritage All Plants NWFX    
DRNC Conover NWFX    
Duralee Morganton NWFX    
Edward Ferrell High Point NWFX    
E J Victor Morganton NWFX    
El Greco Jamestown NWFX    
Emerson ET Cie High Point NWFX    
Fairfield Chair Lenoir NWFX    
FFDM High Point NWFX    
Four Seasons Seagrove NWFX    
Friendship Upholstery Taylorsville NWFX    
Ferguson Copeland Morganton NWFX    
Furniture Guild Asheboro NWFX    
Green and Sienna Lexington NWFX    
Greene Brothers N Wilkesboro NWFX    
Hallman Taylorsville NWFX    
Halo Styles High Point NWFX    
Hammary Furniture Lenoir NWFX    
Hancock & Moore Bethlehem NWFX    
Harris House High Point NWFX    
Hart Furniture Siler City  NWFX    
Heatherbrooke Statesville NWFX    
Hickory Business Hickory NWFX    
Hickory Chair Hickory NWFX    
Hickory Heritage Hickory NWFX    
Hickory Leather Hickory NWFX    
Hickory White Furniture Hickory NWFX    
High Point Furniture High Point NWFX    
Highland House Hickory NWFX    
Home Elegance High Point NWFX    
HTB Contemporary Conover NWFX    
Huges Furniture Asheboro NWFX    
Idealtalia Conover NWFX    
Isenhour Furniture Taylorsville NWFX    
J Bertum Inc Valdese NWFX    
J Redmond Furniture High Point NWFX    
Jetton Furniture High Point NWFX    
JH Craver & Sons Taylorsville NWFX    
Johnston Benchworks Yadkinville NWFX    
Johnston Casuals N Wilkesboro NWFX    
Jonathan E David N Wilkesboro NWFX    
Kaco International Lexington NWFX    
Kellex Valdese NWFX    
Kincaid Furniture Hudson NWFX    
King Hickory Furniture Hickory NWFX    
Klaussner Furniture Asheboro NWFX    
Lancer Furniture Star NWFX    
Lane Venture Conover NWFX    
Laurent Leather Newton NWFX    
Lazar Industries Siler City NWFX    
La-z-boy Hospitality Greensboro NWFX    
La-z-boy Inc Lincolnton NWFX    
Lea Industries High Point NWFX    
Leathercraft Conover NWFX    
Leather Italia Leland SBJ/NWFX    
Lee Industries Newton NWFX    
Legacy Classic Furniture High Point NWFX    
Lexington Home Brands All Plants NWFX    
Lloyds of Chatham Siler City NWFX    
Luke Leather Thomasville NWFX    
Maitland Smith High Point NWFX    
Masterfield Furniture Taylorsville NWFX    
McCreary Modern Newton NWFX    
McKinley Leather Claremont NWFX    
McNeilly Champion Lawndale NWFX    
Michael Thomas Liberty NWFX    
Michaels Wholesale Lexington NWFX    
Miles Talbot High Point NWFX    
Millender Furniture Burlington NWFX    
Mitchell Gold Taylorsville NWFX    
Morgan Stewart Granite Falls NWFX    
Null Industries Maiden NWFX    
O’ Henry House Archdale NWFX    
Old Hickory Tannery Hickory NWFX    
Our House Designs Hickory NWFX    
Overnight Sofa Hickory NWFX    
Padma’s Plantation Lexington NWFX    
Paladin Industries Hiddenite NWFX    
Palm Springs Rattan Largo NWFX    
Palu Ltd Lexington NWFX    
Pama Furniture Jamestown NWFX    
Pearson Furniture High Point NWFX    
Pinnacle Furniture Newton NWFX    
Planum High Point NWFX    
Powell Furniture Greensboro NWFX    
Precedent Furniture Newton NWFX    
Progressive Furniture Claremont NWFX    
Parker Southern Maiden NWFX    
Paul Robert Taylorsville NWFX    
Regency House Hickory NWFX    
S E Kids High Point NWFX    
Sarried Ltd Wilson SBJ/NWFX    
Schnadig International High Point NWFX    
Seahawk Designs Lexington NWFX    
Seven Seas Cherryville NWFX    
Shadow Mountain Statesville NWFX    
Sherrill Furniture Hickory NWFX    
Somerton Home Furniture Stoneville NWFX    
South Sea Rattan Greensboro NWFX    
Southern Furniture Conover NWFX    
Southwood Furniture Hickory NWFX    
Simon Li Lexington NWFX    
Stanford Furniture Claremont NWFX    
Stanley Furniture Robbinsville NWFX    
Statesville Chair Hickory NWFX    
Stickley Furniture High Point NWFX    
Stone International Thomasville NWFX    
Style Upholstery Hickory NWFX    
Swaim Designs High Point NWFX    
Taylor King Taylorsville NWFX    
Taylorsville Upholstery Taylorsville NWFX    
TCS Designs Hickory NWFX    
Temple Inc Maiden NWFX    
Theodore Alexander Hickory NWFX    
Thomas Hahn Burlington NWFX    
Tickle Imports Raleigh SBJ/NWFX    
Timmerman Manufacturing Conover NWFX    
Thomlinson Furniture Thomasville NWFX    
Trade Winds Treasures Charlotte NWFX    
Troutman Chair Troutman NWFX    
Ultimate Accents Richfield NWFX    
United Furniture Archdale NWFX    
Universal Furniture High Point NWFX    
Up Country Dawsonville NWFX    
Uttermost Rocky Mount NWFX    
Vanguard Hickory NWFX    
Verellen Home High Point NWFX    
W Schllig High Point NWFX    
Wesley Hall Hickory NWFX    
Westwood Designs Lexington NWFX    
Whitewood Furniture Thomasville NWFX    
Wildwood Lamps Rocky Mount SBJ/NWFX    
Woodmark Originals High Point NWFX    
Wright Table Morganton NWFX    
Whiteline Imports Lexington NWFX